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Resolute Ink Premium - Powered by Kodak - Formulation E

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Resolute Ink Premium - Powered by Kodak, DTG products formulated for DTG printers using Epson DX5 Print heads.

Resolute Ink Premium - Powered by Kodak Inkjet Technology.

Resolute Ink Premium is a genuine Kodak Inkjet product, launched in the UK in 2019.

Resolute Ink Premium when cured correctly will produce an extremely durable and vibrant print on both light and dark garments. When used alongside Resolute ink Premium Dark and Light pre-treatments the images produced are both vibrant, wash fast and durable. The normal cure time for these Kodak inks with white ink is 45 seconds x 2 at 165c and 45 seconds at 155c for CMYK only.

Resolute Ink Premium CMYK and white ink set requires no special installation, it is compatible with most Direct to Garment Printers using an Epson DX Print Head. It can also be used as a colour cote over other white textile inks but performs best when used with the Resolute Ink Premium white ink. If you currently use Image Armor in your Epson DTG printer changing over to the Resolute Ink Premium inks is a breeze. There is no need to flush your system saving you time and money. Flushing solution is available should you choose to flush the system at very competitive prices.

Washing instructions for Resolute Ink Premium are recommended at 40c using non biological washing products. Do not use stain removers or other washing additives as these could affect results. Resolute Ink Premium is designed to print onto 100% cotton down to 60% cotton 40% polyester mix.

Printing onto fabric outside these specifications may be possible, you must always produce your own wash tests for any fabric.
You can use Resolute Ink Premium Formulation E in the following DTG printers.

Resolute R-Jet 5i, R-Jet 5, R-Jet 3, DTG Digital Viper - Viper 2 - M2 - M4 - K3 - HM1, TexJet - TexJet+, Neoflex, Mutoh, T-Jet Blazer - Express - Pro, Anajet sprint, Katana, all DIY DTG using the DX5 print head.