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Resolute Ink Premium - Kodak Inkjet Pre-Treatments

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5 Litres from £65.00

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High quality dark and light pre-treatments in ready to use plus DIY make it yourself kits.

Kodak pre-treaments are formulated for cotton and cotton poly mixes.

DARK - A unique formula that allows good density white stopping power without a rubbery residue. This dark shirt formula is very low staining and excellent at flattening fibres when cured wth a heat press.

Good durability in the wash is acheived when used with Kodak inks and others. Cure prints for your normal time, when using Kodak inks this is 45 seconds at 165c for most fabrics.

Light - Normally only required for white t shirts, this light formulation increases durability in the wash while snapping ink off quickly to avoid bleeding on most fabrics.

Curing at 155c for 45 seconds is required for Kodak inks, please cure for your normal time if using a different ink set.

An individual polyester pre-treatment is also available soon, not suited for use on cotton.