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Resolute Ink Premium - Kodak Cleaning Solutions

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A complete rage of DTG maintenance solutions for use with the Kodak Inks.

Kodak maintenance solutions are designed for use with Kodak DTG inks.

FLUSHING SOLUTION - The Kodak flushing solution is a mild but effective solution designed for flushing and cleaning your DTG system out when required. This product is available in 1 litre bottles only.

CLEANING SOLUTION - The Kodak cleaning solution is a stronger liquid designed for cleaning around capping station seals, the surface of the print head and other areas where ink can congeal and rubberise. It can also be used to flush print heads, once finished Kodak flushing solution should be purged through the head to remove the strong cleaner. This product is available in 250ml dropper bottle and 1 litre refill.

CAPPING SOLUTION - Capping stations rarely break, they most likely clog up with congealed ink that dries out over time or when the printer is left unattended. The Kodak capping solutions is designed to flush out ink and coat the working parts with a solution that decreases the inks ability to congeal. It can be used as a capping station cleaner but is best used to flush the capping station tube as part of the end of day cleaning routine. This product is available in 250ml dropper bottle & 1 litre refill.