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Image Armor Light Pre-treatment

IA light

£79.00 per 5 Litres

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Ready to use 5 litre bottle

Image Armor LIGHT SHIRT FORMULA: Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula is designed for use on White or LIGHT colored garments (100% cotton to 100% polyester fabrics) with color only prints (CMYK only) or with a white under base plus CMYK prints. Designed not to discolor fabrics AND improve color vibrancy, details, and wash ability. Use with any CMYK inks including Resolute, Brother, Epson, and Dupont ink sets. 

• Improved Ease of Application
• Application window much wider reducing washout issues
• Little to no crystallization of pretreatment when cured
• Reduced pretreatment “box” after heat setting
• Better, more vibrant colors and wash durability


Please read the SDS sheet and instructions on the product before use.


Images used for illustration purposes may vary from the actual product.