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Image Armor Dark Pre-treatment

Image armor dark pre treatment

£79.00 per 5 Litres

This product is SOLD OUT

Ready to use in 5 litre bottles.

Image Armor DARK SHIRT FORMULA: Image Armor DARK Shirt Formula was created with the idea of making pretreating as easy as possible. Image Armor DARK allows for the following characteristics:

• Improved Ease of Application
• Application window much wider reducing washout issues
• Little to no crystallization of pretreatment when cured
• Reduced pretreatment “box” after heat setting
• Better, more vibrant colors and wash durability

Recommended uses:

• 100% Cotton – Mid to Dark/Black garments
• Not Recommended for Polyester Fabrics
• Not Recommended for 50/50 Fabrics


Please read the SDS sheet and instructions on the product label before using.