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Image Armor B Series DTG inks

IA B series inks

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The Image Armor B-SERIES of inks are designed as a third party replacement ink for the popular GT3 series of DTG printers. The B-SERIES inks come in a 380cc bag which is the same size as the OEM ink.


The easy to replace bags increase your profitability by reducing your overall cost per print by up to almost 40% off OEM pricing.

White and CMYK Replacement Inks for the GT3 Series of Printers

  • 380 cc replacement bags
  • £99 Retail cost
  • Savings of 35% – 50% off OEM inks
  • Similar Color Matching
  • Increase Profitability
  • ONLY £99 per Bag

With the B-SERIES of inks you can breathe new life into that older GT3 printer. The GT3 is a great printer, but the ink costs are expensive making it less profitable to run. The B-SERIES inks save you over 35% on your white ink costs and over 50% on CMYK ink costs. At just £99 per replacement bag, the cost per print just got more affordable!

If you want to switch over, make sure to save any old GT3 ink carts you have on hand – you will need them!