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DTG Film for Ricoh

dtg film

New product

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Specially developed DTG film for printing polyester and other difficult fabrics with no pre-treatment required. Only works on Ricoh Green Button systems driven by Resolute RIP.

By using a specially developed release film as a reverse print transfer with a similar process to pre-treatment embedded during the print process, the system can now produce images including white ink for heat pressing onto most textiles without the need for garments to be pre-treated.

It works by using a special print queue that automatically orientates the image and then produces a two-part custom white layer, this is the key to its ability in producing vibrant prints on a wide range of otherwise impossible to print fabrics. 

film print

Please Note: The RIP Queue required is only included in the starter kit for the Ri 1000. Purchasing adhesive or film only will not include the queue or the cost to install it.

Please contact us once you have purchased the starter pack of speciality film. The software upgrade will be performed by a Resolute technician via remote access.

The product has been developed with the Ri 1000 and Ri 2000 in mind but will also be made available to all future systems provided by Resolute DTG.

The new product is especially useful for printing onto caps, shoes, sleeves, high viz jackets, workwear and many others without the need to pre-treat or worry about ink cracking or bleeding. Cotton garments can also be produced without the need to use pre-treatment, but this is not its primary use although the results are quite stunning.

Instructions on how to use the film are available in a pdf file in this product listing.