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Camtex 250ml CMYK Set

Camtex Dupont 250 ml CMYK set


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Camtex DuPont Artistri ink for all Direct to Garment / DTG type printers fitted with Epson print heads.

Camtex DuPont Artistri textile ink is compatible with the following printers.

  • R-Jet i3 - R-Jet 4 iWICS & R-Jet 5
  • DTG M2 - M4 - Viper & Viper 2
  • T-Jet 2 - T-Jet Blazer Express & Pro
  • Neoflex
  • TexJet & TexJet Plus
  • Anajet Sprint

Purchased in bulk direct from DuPont and decanted in our professional ink lab environment. All ink stock is automatically agitated keeping it fresh and in perfect condition.