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Viper MAXX Pre-treatment machine


The NEW Evolution of Pretreatment Machines

The ALL-New Viper MAXX Pretreatment Machine is the newest innovative pretreatment machine from i-Group Technologies that is destined to change the DTG industry once again. The MAXX takes all of the best innovations and lessons learned from the past 10 years of producing the world’s leading pretreatment machines and put them together to create the ULTIMATE spray application process for DTG.

The MAXX is so feature rich that it allows for a perfectly even application of pretreatment every time, with every pretreatment on the market. Complete user control over all of the variables allows for precise spray application in only the areas required. No more pretreating the entire shirt for just a left chest DTG print. With 99.9% efficiency and no spraying off the shirt you can only pretreat the areas intended with the touch of a button.

  • Up to 19″ x 24″ Spray Area (+/-)
  • Complete User Control over all parameters
  • 4 User Defined Fluid Application Buttons
  • 30 User Defined Spray Area Presets
  • Easy to Load Platen – No Opening or Closing Drawers
  • Simple, Single Nozzle Spray Head
  • Includes 15.5″ x 20″ Platen
  • Built-In Easy Load Sleeve Platen
  • User Defined Automated Nozzle Clean Routine keeps nozzle wet
  • Any compatible spray tip can be used
  • Over 20 user defined parameters allow for the perfect spray pattern with no heavy or light spots
  • 99.9% Efficient – no wasted pretreatment during spraying
  • Use Less Pretreatment to Achieve the Same or better results as other Single Nozzle Pretreatment Machines.

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