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Ricoh Ri 1000 DTG

The RICOH Ri 1000 is an ideal solution for new businesses, and e-commerce businesses with mid-volume production. With fast speeds, high image quality, more accurate colours, automated setup and maintenance the RICOH Ri 1000 easily out performs its competition.

Fast Speeds
The next-generation RICOH Ri 1000 prints full-colour 10-inch x 8-inch graphics on light garments in less than 28 seconds.

Fast speeds

Sharp, Vibrant Images
Wow your customers with eye-popping prints. With a high-accuracy carriage and table, minimum ink drop size of 3 pL, precise table height adjustment, easy custom platens, the Ri 1000 delivers beautifully crisp, high resolution images up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. Thanks to new Pro RIP software by industry leader Kothari Info-Tech, colours are brighter and vividly accurate.

'Walk-Up' Ready With Automated Maintenance
Print more and worry less. Intelligent auto cleaning system and white ink agitation save time and make the machine incredibly easy to use and maintain. Along with continuous monitoring of ink supply, air level, and dampers, the RICOH Ri 1000 stays in an active state where it is walk-up ready and virtually guaranteed to produce a perfect print whenever you are ready to use the machine.

ink lines

Built-In Interactive Operation Guide With Smart Alerts
To make maintenance even easier, the RICOH Ri 1000 features a built-in Interactive Operation Guide. Accessible through the machine's spacious 170mm touchscreen display, the interactive guide provides smart alerts reminding you when to perform routine manual maintenance tasks.

touch screen

Time Proven Quality & Reliability
Built to Ricoh's world-class quality standards, the RICOH Ri 1000 offers rugged, industrial-strength steel construction and reliable, time-proven components. Enjoy dependable, industry-leading functionality with features like the high-performance Ricoh-built print engine and print heads. The RICOH Ri 1000 is a workhorse ready to fill demanding jobs for years to come.

Quick-Change Platens for Versatility & Ease of Use
With the RICOH Ri 1000, changing platens is a snap. Quick-change magnetic platens, available in multiple styles and sizes up to an extra-large 16 x 19.6 inches, provide a variety of print options and easily snap on and off the machine with virtually zero downtime. Split Garment platen design makes garments easier to load, prevents ink bleed, and helps garments lay flatter for higher accuracy when printing.

This short video clip shows how we use the Ri 1000 combined with the Viper MAXX area speciific pre-treatment machine to create a Green Button DTG process.












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