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R-Jet Pro DTG new for 2021

The R-Jet Pro is a fast no frills DTG printer, manufactured for Resolute from the ground up, the Pro runs on Resolute Premium Inks making it one of the most economical DTG printers to run. Taking only 90 seconds to print a dark shirt it is no slouch either.


R-Jet Pro
The no frills R-Jet Pro, custom built DTG printer is the latest addition to Resolute's Green Button DTG Systems. It is has all of the latest technology including offset dual print heads, with all the fancy expensive bits that would increase its build cost left in the factory. Driven by Resolute RIP and running on Resolute Premium Inks, R-Jet Pro is a powerful combination that is designed to be walk up ready without using ink. Its industrial sized bulk ink system holds a full one litre of each colour. The iWICS system circulates the white ink inside the printer and back into the automatically agitating storage tank. The R-Jet Pro looks after itself when not in use without using ink.

Offset Dual Print Heads
This configuration allows for high resolution single pass printing. The white ink is printed as the shirt moves through the printer, the CMYK head is positioned 10cm forward, this gives the white ink time to dry ready to accept the CMYK ink in the same single pass. This produces high quality images at speeds you would not expect from a DTG printer in this price range. R-Jet Pro has 8 channels dedicated for white ink and 8 channels configured in pairs to give twin CMYK performance on a separate print head.

dual print heads

Image shows white then colour ink printed in a single 90 second pass

Resolute RIP Software
We include Resolute RIP with R-Jet Pro. This high performance software has many unique features, including fully automated under base creation, job costing, workflow, remote access, background removal and optional camera alignment. It produces stunning bright prints in the most economical way by removing the white and black ink where possible and then replacing it with the shirt colour automatically. This can produce prints at up to 50% less than a standard full under base. Resolute RIP will also work out your ink costs before you print the job. This valuable feature allows for more accurate quoting in a matter of seconds. When you combine the money saving features Resolute RIP provides and the fact Resolute Premium ink is only £110 per litre of white ink, R-Jet Pro is probably the most economical DTG printer currently available. The printer, the software and the inks are either partially or fully manufactured in the U.K.


The Custom Build Print Engine
R-Jet Pro’s print engine is not modified or re-manufactured, it is a true custom build, designed from the ground up for performance DTG printing. Resolute’s 11-years experience in the DTG industry has allowed us to design this printer with our customers comments and wishes in mind. Easy access open spaces, three platen sizes included, push button platen height control, a rock-solid chassis and fully opening panels mean the R-Jet Pro is easy to use and easy to maintain.

The maintenance station has easy access making it very simple to clean, with specially designed wiper blades and individual suction stations it can perform a head clean on either of the print heads or both together in a matter of seconds.


Image shows horse shoe platen bed for easy loading of hoodies etc.

The Resolute RIP software included is profiled to run with Resolute Premium Inks. This puts you in full control of R-Jet Pro. It does not use compulsory automatic head cleans that use ink while you sleep or while enjoying time off at the weekend. The tried and tested intelligent white ink control system “iWICS” looks after the white ink inside the printer and wastes nothing. The bulk ink system on the R-Jet Pro holds a full 5 litres of ink. When you are ready to print, R-Jet Pro is ready to go in seconds, today or in ten days. Not a single drop of ink will be wasted when not in use.

iwics image

Self Supporting & Movable
R-Jet Pro also includes its own custom build cabinet so no need to worry about the cost of work benches or where to put it. Mounted on heavy duty lockable wheels it can be moved around with ease when necessary. The cabinet has plenty of safe storage space for inks and other items you may want to keep safe and out of sunlight.

The Resolute DTG Warrantypro base
R-Jet Pro has a full 12-month on-site parts and labour warranty that includes your first annual service at no charge*

At Resolute we know how important service and support is, and how multiple options are required to suit different businesses. After your warranty runs out, we have flexible options that offer the different levels of support you are comfortable with.

Our extended service agreements offer three different levels of support. These can be paid monthly or you can benefit from an extra discount by paying annually. Starting at just £499 a year they offer great value for money.

For our tech savvy customers we are happy to offer free video support when fitting parts you have purchased from Resolute. Due to its custom design we do not feel a technician is necessary for most of the consumable parts the R-Jet Pro uses. This option is the most economical, but don’t worry, if you change your mind, you can switch to a service agreement at any time*

When printing with white ink you need to pre-treat the garment first, this is the same for all DTG printers. Many years ago, Resolute partnered with the manufacturer of the Viper range of pre-treatment machines for the U.K. market. This partnership also allows us to obtain the very latest in pre-treatment developments. From the new Viper Mini, a hand held self propelling space saving option, the XPT 1000 and the fully programmable Viper MAXX flat bed system we cover all budgets and production pre-treatment requirements. All three of these pre-treatment machines are available to test in our newly refurbished showroom alongside the R-Jet Pro.

All R-Jet Pro orders placed before 31st March 2021 qualify for a FREE Viper MINI or 30% discount off the XPT 1000 and Viper MAXX pre-treatment machines purchased at the same time*

The quality and performance of R-Jet Pro has to be seen to be believed, as the team at Resolute like nothing more than to show off new and exciting systems. We welcome visitors to our Chesterfield showroom. Alternatively we can offer a personal one to one demo via Microsoft Teams or Zoom call. Either way, you have to see this printer in action to appreciate its quality and performance.

r jet pro dims

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