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Multisolve™ UV ink for MVP printers

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High quality Multisolve UV inks for your MVP system.

Multisolve™ IR2 Pigmented & UV-Stable UV LED Inks

Multisolve IR2 inks for UV LED printers are for use with our Direct Jet UV printers. These CMYK, clear and white inks bind to many different types of substrates without the need for any pre-coating.
Using our adhesion promoter, the inks will bind to many difficult surfaces, such as glass or stainless steel. The white UV LED ink provides an opaque and bright white image, even on dark substrates. The clear ink adds yet another level to the already incredible durability, along with the ability to add different finishes like gloss vs. matte.

Both the ink bottles and cartridges are made of an opaque plastic to maintain the integrity of the inks.

  • UV LED Ink – pigmented and UV stable
  • For use with DCS Direct Jet UV printers
  • Bottles are a light-blocking opaque plastic*