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Sublimation inks and consumables

sublipur bottles

Quality sublimation inks made in the UK. Available in bulk bottles and cartridges for various printers.

Resolute Premium Sublipure™ - Sublimation Inks & consumables

Our digital sublimation inks are a genuine made in the UK product and offer a competitive price whilst remaining high quality. The colour gamut and density is exceptional and compatible with most transfer papers.

Available in bulk bottles and various pre-filled vessels this super bright CMYK ink set produces vibrant colours, the new inks unique formulation delivers fantastic printability but remains one of the most economical available in the UK and Europe.

The E series is formulated for Epson desktop printers and large format printers using DX5 print head technology. If you are unsure if this ink will perform well in your printer please call 01246 202686 and ask to speak to someone in technical support who can help you.

Cartridges and bags filled with Sublipure™ are decanted in our newly kitted out ink lab with state of the art calibrated automated equipment. If you have a specific requirement that we are not offering, please do not hesitate to ask if we can supply Sublipure™ in a vessel to suit your printer.

Sublipure™ transfer paper is a mid weight quality paper. Its low cockle properties allow for flat transfers to be printed with no chance of creasing or excessive curling. Available in sheets or rolls Sublipure transfer paper is the perfect host for creating amazing images on a wide rande of products.