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RICOH Genuine Accessories and consumables.

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This section of our website contains genuine Ricoh accessories and consumable products.

Resolute DTG technicians are fully trained by Ricoh to Gold Service level standards.

Parts & Consumables - All our parts, accessories and consumable products are genuine Ricoh products. Whilst we stock a large inventory of inks and consumables our technician vehicles do not carry ink and pre-treatment unless these are requested 48 hours prior to a technician visit.

About Ricoh Inks - Quality combined with a respectable cost leads to a better end result and a higher margin for you. How does this work? The industrial print heads used in the Ri 3000, Ri 6000 and Ri 1000 DTG printers give them an advantage over its competitors. They can jet a much higher viscosity ink, what does this mean? A higher viscosity ink has a much higher concentration of pigment, this results in less ink jetted to obtain a brighter colour or opaque white under base.

Printability - A higher viscosity ink, has another hidden advantage. When printed onto fabric it holds down the fibres, producing a higher quality print on less expensive or high fibre textiles like bamboo and eco freindly produced garments.