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Kodak DTG Ink & consumables

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Resolute Ink Premium, Powered by KODAK Ink Technology is a full range of Premium DTG products with just one thing missing, the premium price tag.

Codenamed Brexink, the negotiations between the New York based Eastman Kodak company and Resolute DTG have been on going since early 2019. In 2020 a second new brand will be brought on-line manufactured exclusively by Resolute Ink™ in the UK.

As soon as it was clear the U.K. was destined to leave the EU at some point, Resolute’s managing director, Colin Marsh, set to work on securing a deal, to safeguard pricing on a high quality product for the UK DTG textile industry that could not be affected by leaving the EU.

Resolute’s Brexink project brings previously unavailable, Kodak high quality water based pigmented inks to the U.K. and EU. 

The official new brand, Resolute Ink Premium, envelopes the full range of Kodak DTG products and others available for a wide range of printers. Due to the popularity of made in the U.K. products, Resolute has acquired a license to build another industry leading DTG brand in its new state of the art ink manufacturing lab.

Once the second brand is available the source will be reveiled and another great product will commence being made in the UK, manufactured exclusively by Resolute ink™. When phase two commences, Resolute Ink™ will offer cartridge filling and recycling to be added to the Resolute Premium range. Cartridges for the F2000 and F2100 will be the first to launch, projected for the end of August 2020.

These additional new products see Resolute remaining at the forefront of DTG technology, making sure our customers have access to the very best products is something that we strive for and something that will never change.