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F2000 - F2100 DTG ink

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Resolute Premium for the F2000 - F2100 DTG printer.

Resolute Premium Quality inks.

Why not save money while helping to save the planet. Powered by Resolute Premium inks developed for the F2000 & F2100 series printers.

When you're out of warranty or simply want to save money whilst helping the environment the Resolute Premium re-manufactured cartridges are an alternative solution. 

No one likes to see plastic wasted, thrown away and going into landfill which impacts on the environment. We follow the correct guidlines for re manufacturing and make sure not to break any of the most upto date advice.

Before using you should flush your printer in the normal way.

Please note: This product is not an Epson approved product nor is it supplied by or endorsed by Epson.