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Products & Consumables

Resolute DTG offer the widest range of genuine DTG ink and consumable products in Europe.

All Resolute Ink™ and DuPont™ products are decanted and stored in a controlled environment. We use the highest grade of calibrated pumps to ensure measurments are correct. Our bottles and containers for ink products are sterile food and in some cases sterile medical grade to ensure no cross contamination in the decanting process.

All spare parts sold are genuine Epson unless they are custom made for the R-Jet range. We do not supply third party Epson compatables. If we do not list a part for your R-Jet printer please call to let us know, if we don't have it we can more than likely get it.

Some of the Epson parts we sell can be used on other brands of DTG printers, whilst this is OK we do not supply print heads for anything other than an R-Jet product.   

Quality and reliability are the most important aspects of a digital textile ink or product Resolute DTG put there name to. Both Resolute Ink™ and DuPont Artistri™ are manufactured to a very high standard, using the highest quality pigments and components to ensure consitency and reliability. It is impossible to create a ″cheap″ ink that performs to the same level as the products we manufacture and sell. Whilst there are many claims advertised on the internet of ″cheaper″ DTG ink we have yet to test one that meets up to its claim. You can rest assured that a product purchased from Resolute DTG will be 100% genuine and well worth the price.

If you see a Resolute product advertised from a sourse that is not listed on our official distributor list, Resolute DTG have not manufactured nor supplied it.

Here at Resolute DTG we take safety and the environment very seriously. Material safety data sheets for ink and pre-treatment are availble to download at the bottom of each liquid product page in PDF format. If you require further technical information on any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below.