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What is DTF Printing

Direct to film printing is an exciting addition to the inkjet garment decoration process that requires no pre-treatment even for white ink.

What is DTF, direct to film printing.
DTF is an alternative printing process to DTG. Using a specific kind of water-based ink to print a film transfer that is then dried, a powdered glue is applied to the back and then heat cured ready for storage or instant use. One of the benefits to DTF Is there is no need to use pre-treatment, the powdered glue does this job for you. Once heat pressed the soft water based ink is transferred to the garment in just 15 seconds. The transfer is best used onto polyester and other non cotton fabrics that are difficult to print using traditional DTG printing.

DTG is designed predominantly for cotton garments, DTF will never replace DTG for cotton printing, but it is a good alternative when starting off in business due to its lower level of investment for a stand alone version or a fully automated system for mass production transfers.

Resolute have been at the forefront of inkjet printing for many years, DTF is an exciting addition to garment decoration that cannot be ignored. If you have shied away from DTG printing in the past because of the pre-treatment process required when using white ink, DTF breaks this cycle and requires no pre-treatment but still offers the soft hand water based ink produces.

We now offer a commercial system that prints onto a 600mm wide roll. This is based on a custom printer using the same dual head engine as the R-Jet PRO DTG.

Because the durability is enhanced by the special ink and adhesive, DTF printing is ideal for workwear like overalls, high viz, gym and cycling wear. It doesn’t crack like screen printing means has a very soft hand due to the water-based ink used.

Our custom built R-Jet DTF MAXX system is designed and built from the ground up and uses the same dual print head technology as the R-Jet PRO DTG printer. Printing 10m2 an hour with fully automated curing and adhesive application the R-Jet PRO DTF MAXX is one of the fastest fully automated systems available in the U.K. It’s dual print head technology produces fast single pass prints in high resolution. The quality and vibrancy of the finished garment we feel is the best available.

The printer can be used as a stand alone without the automated adhesive/curing unit and takes up very little space. 

New website for DTF is now live at


Backed up by Resolutes on-site service team that offers a one hour response time included in the warranty if you need help, you are in safe hands. Once out of warranty you can extend our service with one of our four different types of service agreement. Our Platinum service agreement includes consumable wet parts and the industrial print heads. With no labour, travel or parts to pay for you have only one fixed monthly cost, or a reduction for paying a single annual payment and your maintenance costs are taken care of.

Seeing is believing, promo videos are a good way of seeing if DTF is for you. A visit to Resolutes showroom in Chesterfield gives you the chance to use the equipment and see just how simple the process is. The Resolute team love to show off our printers and welcome the challenges you may present to test our garment printing systems to the limit.

If you would like a sample transfer to heat press yourself, or if you would like to book a demonstration please fill in the form below. If you would prefer to discuss your requirements on the phone, give us a call on 01246 202686 and one of the Resolute team will be happy to help you.

Article Last Updated : 5/3/2021