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R-Jet 5 Hybrid DTG info.

An explanation for the R-Jet 5 Hybrid DTG printer as a complete unit or an upgrade to an existing R-Jet 5.

30-1-15 Printing commences
After a few un expected delays the Hybrid is back on track. We have perfected the direct to screen process. The next addition is the micro skew adjustment for the screen frame. This is generally not needed but could help with alignment between different aged R-Jets.

 R-Jet making a screen

9-9-14 Final design confirmed.
After two days in the Milan office we have finalised the design for the Hybrid. The first fifty units will commence production in a few days.


The most important breakthrough in DTG printing since inception - Industry expert Colin Marsh answers some of the questions related to the new developments in Hybrid DTG printing.

The dream for most digital garment decorators is a system that can print one offs with no setup but can also handle long runs with speed, doing away with the pre-treatment would also be a nice touch. Until now a pipe dream, the future is the R-Jet 5 hybrid DTG printer. Due to launch at ISS Fort Worth in September 2014, it brings increased speed and reduced ink costs.

Since the inception of inkjet textile decoration developers have speculated over the possibility of using a combination of integrated print processes to achieve a faster more economical result.
A Hybrid, the R-Jet 5 Hybrid DTG Printer.

Almost 2 years ago Resolute DTG started a new multi stage development process for its R-Jet DTG printer range. There were three main reasons for this, to allow the printer to carry greater weight, use larger platens and integrate a second print process. The first two were general performance improvements but the third was a big one, to develop the first purpose built hybrid DTG printer.

In levels of industry importance and process development the Hybrid DTG is what Concorde was to super-fast long haul flights. Not quite Mach-two in speed but in comparison to a standard DTG printer the hybrid will outperform and leave the rest standing as Concorde did.

This short Q & A answers some of the most common questions related to the Hybrid DTG printer and why it has been developed.

Q. What exactly is a Hybrid DTG printer?
A. The DTG Hybrid is a printer capable of combining two separate print processes utilising the best speed and efficiency from both.

Q. Will the R-Jet 5 Hybrid DTG cost more than a traditional DTG printer?
A. In a nutshell yes, but that does depend on what system you compare it to. Available as an upgrade to any R-Jet 5 means the price is scalable on demand.

Q. Will the Hybrid DTG be more economical to run than a traditional DTG printer?
A. Yes, the ink is formulated differently and will be considerably cheaper per litre than current digital textile ink.

Q. Is productivity going to be increased?
A. Yes, this is one of the main reasons for the Hybrids development, production is estimated to be between 40 to 60 dark garments per hour per unit.

Q. Will pre-treatment need to be used.
A. No, the ink system on the Hybrid will require no pre-treatment to be used.

Q. Can the Hybrid print onto anything?
A. Yes, platens permitting. The main products will be cotton and polyester including dark colours but it will be possible to print on any flat surface.

Q. Can an existing DTG printer be converted to a Hybrid?
A. No, the Hybrid uses a unique system that is already patented by a Resolute DTG Ltd.

Q. Does the Hybrid produce normal one off prints.
A. Yes, the Hybrid will produce one offs traditionally (with per treatment) then switch to a secondary integrated white print process when a higher volume is required.

Q. Why not just use the Hybrid process for one offs?
A. The Hybrid is only economical to run on higher volumes, approximately 10 prints and above.

Q. What about maintenance and servicing costs for the Hybrid?
A. Hybrid maintenance is very similar to regular DTG maintenance. The cost to service will be a fraction, designed from the ground up replacement parts are very economical.

Q. Will the Hybrid DTG kill the regular DTG market?
A. No, it’s not suitable for very low volumes per month. The mid-range price brings high end performance, the biggest impact will be on the mid to high volume market.

Being capable of producing DTG prints using pre-treatment, white and CMYK ink with no setup is still important, but the ability to print dark cotton and dark polyester with no pre-treatment at speed was also one of the challenges Resolute intended to crack with it’s Hybrid DTG, and crack it we have. Printing dark fabric at speeds of up to 50 per hour is possible using Resolute’s new hybrid technology. Un like anything else available on the market the Hybrid will set new standards in DTG printing. Existing technology across the board is tweaked on a regular basis, traditional inkjet technology is likely to be as fast as it can be without incurring massive setup costs. With the Hybrid DTG set to hit the market with a launch price of less than £16,000 for a complete system, or less than £6,000 to upgrade an existing R-Jet 5, DTG printing takes another massive leap forward.

Update Tuesday 12th August 2014 11:00am

The first Hybrid unit has just been delivered, we are training a new dealer from Pakistan so the grand opening will have to wait until later today. Looking at the box size this should be a system that can be delivered via UPS. We will be looking to generate the first t shirt printed in the UK with the R-Jet 5 Hybrid system on Thursday this week.

As soon as we have some pictures we will post them here.


Update Wednesday 13th August 2014 7:00am

The grand opening was very exciting, all present and correct ready to make test prints on Thursday. We plan to print a sugar skull image with heavy areas of white ink and lots of bright solid colours. This should show the vibrancy of colour and the different levels of white that can be put down in seconds.

This has been a long wait, almost two years in development and now we are about to start printing dark shirts in the UK with no pretreatment !


Further details on Hybrid DTG technology will be available soon at

If you have a general question about DTG printing please feel free to contact us on the details below.

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Article Last Updated : 1/8/2014