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Resolute goes mobile as back to work Covid-19 rules could leave showrooms collecting dust.

Standing empty, full of brand new DTG, UV & other printing equipment, showrooms could become a thing of the past after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Resolute reacts to Covid-19 and goes mobile.

When researching new equipment, a web page, brochure or video is great, but how do you really know that piece of equipment is right for your business.

A hands-on experience is the only real way to see the true potential of a new piece of equipment, travelling to a showroom to get that experience means taking valuable time out of your business. At Resolute we know how difficult it can be to give up your time, we feel with the added risks Covid-19 brings, showrooms could be left empty as we all get used to non-essential travel and social distancing being part of normal life. By bringing the demonstration to you, Resolute not only reduce the time it takes for a demonstration, we reduce the number of people exposed to travel, we also cut down on the time you and your colleagues are out of the business. On-premise demos have the added benefit of allowing other members of your team, who may not be able to leave the business, to see how the equipment works in a familiar environment helping to build confidence in the new product or process.

Booking your DTG demo – demonstrating a DTG printer requires more than just the printer, we have built mobile print units that can be transported and wheeled into your business. The print units are a similar design to our event printing units that are shipped all over the world, this service is used by companies who require on demand printing for only a few days at trade shows and was launched long before Covid-19 appeared. Within minutes of arriving at your premises we can be printing samples, demonstrating the RIP software and curing garments for wash testing. In order to book your on-premise demo, you simply need, a roller shutter loading bay door or wheeled access through a 1m wide entrance door and a 13-amp power socket, Resolute will do the rest. Although these are the current access requirements, in the future we do plan to add a fully kitted out box trailer to use when wheeled access into your premises is just not available.

Booking a UV demo – UV printing normally requires only the printer and RIP computer; the process is self-curing no matter what you are printing. When an 1800s UV is used for DTG printing a heat press is required for the final cure, this allows printed polyester on a par with sublimation without the transfer and with white ink. The access requirements are the same as for DTG, a roller shutter loading bay door or wheeled access through a 1m wide entrance door and a 13-amp power socket. We take care of the rest, we will always try to bring the blank products you want to produce or we can test the products you have, either way you will gain first-hand experience of UV printing without the smoke and mirrors many associate with this decoration process.

We understand mobile demonstrations will not be possible in some circumstances or you might just prefer a trip to Resolute in person, in these circumstances we will continue to use our showroom when it offers the best possible solution, our team are always pleased to receive visitors.

Our on-line booking system makes organising a demo simple and quick process. Once the on-line application is completed, we will be in touch to confirm the date and a suitable time for your on-premise demonstration.



Article Last Updated : 27/4/2020