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Green Button DTG Systems summer 2019 offers

A combination of the very best DTG equipment offering a Green Button DTG system with some very heavy discounts.

Is your business ready for a Faster and more versatile DTG process?
Our Green Button DTG printing systems are a combination of the very best DTG equipment from around the globe. Using our ten year experience in the DTG industry, we tailor each system to your specific requirements maximising production while reducing running costs.

During August and September 2019 our Green Button DTG systems are included in the Summer Sale. There are currently two versions to choose from, the XPT 1000 system is our most economical and includes the following:-

  • RICOH Ri 1000 DTG Printer
  • XPT 1000 Pre-treatment machine
  • Auto rising electro magnetic heat press
  • Resolute RIP with camera alignment system
  • Mainland UK delivery
  • Two days on-site training after installation
  • 12 months warranty (inc print heads)
  • 12 months printing support with remote login
All this for just £15,950 + vat. That’s a pretty amazing deal that is worth over £19,950 outside of the Summer Sale.

Option two is the Viper MAXX system, it has all the above plus the added benefit of being programmable to a specific area. With over 30 user defined pre-sets and bar code reading capability this really is the most advanced pre-treatment machine available.

Working in the same way as a three axis printer, the Viper MAXX uses a nozzle in place of a print head. With a very short distance between the substrate and the nozzle there is practically no over spray or waste. The Viper MAXX also has automated nozzle cleaning, whilst primed with pre-treatment and stood idle it will look after the nozzle until you remove it at the end of the day to put on soak. Different settings are available to compensate for different humidity levels and different pre-treatments, avoiding nozzle dry out.

The Summer Sale price for the Viper MAXX system is £17,950 + vat. Outside of the Summer Sale the total cost would be over £23,550 + vat 

Take a look at our Green Button DTG printing video to see just how simple it is to use. The Viper MAXX is shown in this vieo clip.

Article Last Updated : 12/7/2019