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DTG Printer - Industry expert - Colin Marsh

The road to researching DTG printing can be a long one, this blog brings hard to find facts and figures into one area.

If you are looking into DTG printing for the first time, you are entering a minefield and have a lot of important research to do.

Why would anyone listen to me? Colin Marsh 1995
My blog contains facts and figures collected through years of experience in the printing industry, 36 to be precise. At the age of fourteen I was running a 5 colour litho press in my father’s company at the weekends. By the time digital, inkjet and laser hit the market I was already years into the field of most printing processes.

Pushing my father into the digital age was a challenge, after a lot of persuasion he eventually agreed to purchase one of the first HP plotters capable of printing designs from an Apple IIe computer.

That’s where my digital journey started, and I am still travelling.

If I had a £1 for every person who contacted me for help in the DTG industry I would now be retired. From my experience most difficulties encountered in DTG printing are down to four things.

  • Lack of research into what equipment will suit their business.
  • Insufficient training in the most important areas.
  • Trying to make a living printing the wrong kind of products.
  • Sales people charged with the task of selling a product they know nothing about.

There is some good news, if you are reading the articles in this blog you will a have heads up on the most important facts to take into consideration before investing. Although most of this information is available in the public domain, some facts are well hidden !


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