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Welcome to Club Resolute

So what's Club Resolute all about? Our members enjoy exclusive on-line discounts across a wide range of consumables and equipment.

Club Resolute launches & it's exclusive.

So what's Club Resolute all about? Our members enjoy exclusive on-line discounts across a wide range of consumables and equipment.

Rewarding loyalty is a two way street, the DTG & LED UV industry has grown quite large and is still growing rapidly. It can be a minefield sifting through the mass of on-line offers, cold callers offering cheap ink prices and making false claims the product is the same as you are using. Unfortunately in a rapidly growing industry like DTG people trying to make a quick profit will always prey on existing businesses, very often costing the buyer disproportionately more than the savings when things go wrong.

Club Resolute offers its members protection against false claims and inferior products. It keeps its members safe from putting their business at risk when trying to maximise profits by saving money. With guaranteed original products at the best prices Club Resolute gives back like no other. But it doesn't stop at great prices on consumable products, Club Resolute members can tap into 35 years of business experience in the printing industry from the founder of the Resolute Print Group, managing director Colin Marsh. Advice for new businesses on marketing and utilising the best strategies on how to grow is all part of the service for our members.

How much can you save It couldn't be simpler, you build your own level of on-line discount automatically, with four tiers starting at Blue for our new members and progressing up to Gold, for our multiple equipment owners the savings are quite remarkable. With offers like free upgrades to pre 12:00 deliveries, Inkster points that automatically build up to spend later or discount on our no quibble all inclusive extended warranties that include parts, print heads, travel and labour.

Launched July 1st 2015 anyone who purchases equipment from Resolute can apply for membership by simply sending in the serial number of the equipment with the company name and contact details to

You will receive your membership details explaining how to best utilise Club Resolute and take full advantage of the amazing discounts you can receive. For equipment purchases after July 1st 2015 we will automatically generate a membership for you, making sure you start to save your Inkster points from the minute become a member.

Once you have your membership all that's left to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits while automatically saving your Inkster points or progressing to the next tier. You can check your points by simply logging into your on-line account, as a member you will receive notification of special offers on a regular basis. Spending your points is simple, cash them in and we will send you a voucher to use on-line, simply type in the voucher code and watch your basket total reduce by the amount of points you cashed in.

Whether it's DTG, DTS, DTF, Hybrid or UV printing, you will love the benefits a Club Resolute membership brings to your business.

Creating Club Resolute brings new opportunities for us to better our services for existing customers and the ones we have yet to meet.

So don't hang around, become a member of Club Resolute, if you have already purchased equipment in 2015 send an email to with your serial number and full company details. We will do the rest.


Article Last Updated : 23/6/2015