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About Resolute Ink

Resolute DTG Ltd opened for business in the UK in February 2010 UK DTG expert and ex T-Jet Technician Colin Marsh was recruited to head up the company, Resolute DTG Ltd.

Colin has over 25 years experience in the Printing Industry and a further 9 specifically in the DTG solutions field and now brings that expert knowledge and experience to the UK's growing DTG market through the Resolute brand.

Since the introduction of marketable Inkjet Garment Printers in the past 9 or 10 years, Selling direct to the end user and bypassing the "middleman" distributor network, we are able to sell at a lower price than many of our competitors.

The R-Jet range of direct to garment printers and accessories have earned the title of No.1 in Europe for reliability, quality and cost effectiveness. Manufactured in Italy to a very high standard, the R-Jet chassis has a worldwide patent and utilises proven inkjet technology. The print engine used in the R-Jet 5 is exclusive to Resolute DTG and cannot be found in any other DTG printer.

Digital textile ink comes in many shapes and sizes, many cheaper suppliers claim to be selling either Resolute Ink™ or DuPont™ ink. This is very often not the case.

With a global distribution agreement for DuPont™ Artistri™ and manufacturing our own Resolute Ink™ we are able to guarantee the quality of the ink and consumables we sell. Only authorised companies listed on this website in the distributors section are selling genuine Resolute Ink™ & consumables. If a company is not listed here the goods are not genuine.